Currently, working with Select Financial Services as Chief Operating Officer/Deputy CEO. Duties include supporting the CEO in providing strategic leadership and management. Overseeing lending operations, loans administration, debt collection, Systems management and periodic reporting.

Rejoice has extensive experience as General Manager at FUTURE SACCO where she was responsible for the management, development and maintenance of a high-performance team by providing good leadership and effective supervision and guidance of staff members under her charge. She managed to create lending policies for the Sacco. She attended the Women Mentorship Program in Canada Ottawa 2015 for Credit Union Women. Rejoice is comfortable working with people of all levels and she has an excellent commercial approach to solving problems and developing business processes. Rejoice has excellent people management skills, with the ability to manage performance and motivate staff on an individual and team level. She is an experienced consultant in strategic development, marketing, business planning and management of MFI’S and SACCO’s. She has extensive experience in Micro-finance and Small and medium enterprises and being a managing partner for Professional edge she has done a lot of work and facilitated workshops for small and medium enterprises.

“Supporting small businesses helps the country in job creation as well as promotes innovation and growth that in turn has positive impact on the economy.” – Rejoice Chisi

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