Priscilla is the founder of Wala Ltd, a social enterprise that specializes in the productive use of solar for agriculture. Wala focuses on solar powered technologies for irrigation and agricultural processing. It is the only solar company in Malawi that has been founded and is led by a local woman.

Before becoming a full-time entrepreneur, Priscilla spent over a decade successfully delivering projects for international development organizations like the UN (i.e. UNDP, UN Women & the UN RCO) and GIZ at the global, regional and national levels. She rose to Specialist level at the regional office of UNDP before resigning in 2018 to return home to Malawi and focus on Wala full time.

Priscilla was recently awarded the prestigious 2020 Rising Energy Leaders Award by EEP Africa. This award was created to shine a spotlight on young professionals who are leading the clean energy transition in Africa. The winners demonstrated a strong commitment to advancing clean energy solutions, demonstrated professional growth or achievement in the sector, and ambitious goals for the future.

Small and Medium Enterprises are the backbone of any economy. Supporting them to develop and grow is likely the single most sustainable long-term solution to a country’s economic woes.” – Priscilla Sani Chimwele