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Growth Accelerator offers an opportunity for industry professionals and experts to mentor a group of passionate entrepreneurs. Individuals commit to one on one mentorship sessions for 6 months. Mentors act as sounding boards and strategic advisors for entrepreneurs as they implement their growth plans.

Are you an Industry Expert Looking for a Mentorship Opportunity? Here is the process

Entrepreneurs join the programme in January and undergo 6-months of technical assistance from Growth Accelerator. The key output for the technical assistance is a realistic, milestone based growth plan that entrepreneurs implement in the coming 2 to 3 years. The mentor’s role then is to act as a sounding board and provide insight on the successful implementation of the strategy on the other.


Why become a Growth Accelerator Mentor?

Build your professional profile

Our mentors are the professionals and experts that are giving back to their community. For that, they are our heroes and a treated as such. Growth Accelerator celebrates its mentors as active contributors to Malawi’s progress through online digital media, occasional local and international media publications and regional partners.

 We believe this exposure will be beneficial to your career.

Work with inspiring entrepreneurs

Growth Accelerator has a special focus on innovative, energized and visionary entrepreneurs. Our cohort has a mixed bag of entrepreneurs from all sectors that will challenge Malawian business eco-system and how Malawians do business.


This is a journey you can experience too!

Contribute to Malawi’s private sector

Growth Accelerator entrepreneurs are determined to grow and scale. With insight from industry professionals, entrepreneurs have the missing piece that can truly prepare the business for big things and realistically position them as Malawi’s future giants.


This is a chance to be part of a legacy.

Embrace your Emotional Intelligence skills and leadership

Working with an entrepreneur challenges you to sharpen your emotional intelligence and leadership skills. Skills refined in a one-to-one discussion further imprint these skills in and outside the office.

Even leadership takes practice.


January 2021 to July 2021

Venture technical assistance

June 2021

Mentors mixer and entrepreneur introductions

July 2021

Begin mentorship

Dec 2021

End official programme mentorship


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