Converged Technology Networks is a local internet service provider based in Lilongwe, Malawi. The company is proposing an innovation called Gaius. Gaius is a decentralized hyper-local content platform that serves highly localized content from the edge within rural communities empowering communities to create, interact and monetize local content relevant to their communities in their own languages. GAIUS removes the dependency of communities to access the World Wide Web by empowering communities to create their own hyper-local content and ecosystems in a sustainable way and at the same time in an extremely lightweight and super-fast manner. The company would launch a mobile app into communities of users who need to be accessed. They will work with health organizations and NGOs and other stakeholders to provision COVID-19 related healthcare content as well as empower users to create and interact with relevant content (as well as crowdsource vital information from the ground) within their own communities. Local businesses will be also able to support their communities by reaching out to these communities via the platform on essential products, services and events.


As a COVID19 response the mobile app will enhance the engagement between COVID19 responders and the communities. It would further stimulate engagement, dialogues and communication at the community level. The platform also has the ability to facilitate further trading despite the COVID19 restrictions.