Blue Zebra Island Lodge is a conservation driven lodge offering a unique, sustainable travel experience. Maintaining the wildlife concession for Marelli Islands, working with DNPW to protect diverse ecosystems. Main activities for guests: nature trails, birding, kayaking, cruises, snorkeling.

Blue Zebra Island would like to expand their product to be accessible to the wider Malawi community, developing a more budget friendly lodge with a strong ecotourism aspect, allowing lower income consumers to experience the Marelli Islands, their lodge facilities; and learn about the conservation of the world’s first freshwater national park.

With support from Growth Accelerator Malawi, the Lodge will introduce a new product to open up to a wider middle income target group. They will use multiple marketing platforms to promote tourism to and within Malawi. They have a marketing professional who is promoting domestic travel, for locals to experience the wonders of Malawi. Jobs for the tourism sector have been terribly impacted and the support will help Blue Zebra to grow the team and continue to provide opportunities for people in tourism.