Who We Are

Growth Accelerator is a 12-month business acceleration programme that supports early stage innovative and impactful entrepreneurs with investment, technical assistance and mentorship. Entrepreneurship plays a significant role in the growth and development of any economy. For that reason, Growth Accelerator has positioned itself as a catalyst for rapid and strategic growth of Malawian businesses by offering professional support to local ventures.

Learn about the role of our programme partners

The programme is implemented by, Malawi’s first innovation hub and incubator, mHub; in partnership with a pan African company focused on acceleration of local and international businesses, GrowthAfrica. The programme has four investment partners, namely: Accesserator, Kweza Equity Partners, National Bank of Malawi and EcoBank Malawi Ltd. The programme has four principal partners, The Royal Norwegian Embassy, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Malawi, Department of Tourism, and KFW Development Bank.

Learn about the programme impact

Our entrepreneurs ultimately aspire to accelerate their business whilst achieving impact, creating jobs and advancing private sector. development


Growth Accelerator Financing Structure


We offer a co-financing facility of up to USD 40,000 to help ambitious and innovative entrepreneurs attain their business growth plan in 24-months.



Funding Opportunity

Don’t have the cash? Growth Accelerator has 4 funding partners ready to pitch in the 30% on your behalf.

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We give our entrepreneurs a chance to be mentored by seasoned entrepreneurs, coaches and sages who are familiar with Malawian business environment. Mentors leverage their industry knowledge to support your business growth plans.

Growth Accelerator offers 6 months of mentorship. Explore our network of mentors, coaches and sages hereSign up to be a mentor.


Technical Assistance

Work on your business NOT in your business

Our entrepreneurs participate in a series of business analysis and audit sessions in the initial 6 months. In these sessions, our entrepreneurs get to understand their business and how to navigate the sprouting trends in their environment. These sessions challenge entrepreneurs to examine their business and create a systematic and strategic plan to manage the exceptional growth to follow.


About Our Selection Process

Interested? Here are the minimum requirements for programme entry:

  • Must be a registered in Malawi with a business license readily available for verification
  • Must be a post revenue company
  • Must have a product or service on the market
  • Must be open to collaboration and partnership
  • Must demonstrate capacity and dedication to scale the business and demonstrate sound financial performance and practices
  • Are founded and/or managed by entrepreneurs who are keen on involving youth and women in the business either as staff of the company; consumers and/or people impacted along the value chain.
  • Deliver products or services that aim to create positive social impact directly for low-income consumers and/or the wider community to improve their basic needs.
  • Have the appetite for blended finance to scale the business i.e. are willing and able to absorb matching commercial capital investment or finance with own resources.
  • Have the founder(s) fulltime involved in the business or plan to be fulltime in the next 6 months.

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