The Growth Accelerator is designed to help high potential and innovative entrepreneurs and ventures scale and unlock their growth potential along with the potential to deliver a positive impact through for example job creation. It provides a set of tested resources and structured activities that programme participants will go through as a group while also being supported individually. Hence the programme addresses common challenges along with the challenges specific to your business or team. The participants will be supported by the Growth Accelerator team and broad network of external, experienced business people and entrepreneurs.

The Growth Accelerator targets early stage startups (1) which already have a product or service on the market and is ready to grow it or (2) which have a product or service that it has piloted and which is almost ready for a market introduction. It is for entrepreneurs and ventures seeking to grow their business and which sees external support and financing as means to build a larger successful business.

The Growth Accelerator acts as a critical and natural next phase for startups that graduate from existing in-country incubators as well as more seasoned and experienced entrepreneurs.

Ultimately the Growth Accelerator is to act as a catalyst for the growth of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Malawi. It will promote an entrepreneurial agenda and identify and address important gaps in the later stages of the startup development.